Pay Close Attention to These 5 Traits of Authentic People (Your Business Depends on It)

Pay Close Attention to These 5 Traits of Authentic People The road to success is paved by authentic team players- can you spot them in the ranks of your business?

The road to success is paved by authentic team players- can you spot them in the ranks of your business?

Winner employees are trustworthy, flexible, and forthcoming in their communications.  Add authentic to that list and you’ve got yourself a remarkable catch…maybe even a future leader.

What’s Authenticity, Anyway?

You’re probably painfully aware of what the opposite of authenticity looks like.  Have a look at these common “inauthentic” behaviors and see if you don’t recognize them in some of the people you work with right now…

  • self-serving maneuvers designed to camouflage something undesirable or push a personal agenda
  • blustery blowhard action that wastes everyone’s time and reduces productivity
  • buzzword-spouting conversations that lead nowhere and convey nothing of substance

There’s really no substitute for knowing your stuff, possessing stellar communication skills, and showing a willingness to do what it takes to get things done right, no matter what level an employee works at.  Putting on airs, passing the buck, and disrupting collaboration with selfish, unenlightened acts of jealousy and competition are each and every one signs of someone who isn’t behaving in an authentic manner.

That sort of demeanor is poison for the workplace- your business depends on your own ability to spot authentic people so you know whom to keep, whom to promote, and whom you should view with a wary eye.

The 5 Main Traits of Authentic People

Knowing how to spot authenticity in the ranks of your business can someday make the difference when it comes to choosing the right people to promote.  Nobody would deny either that it certainly helps when you’re taking on new employees.

Can you spot authenticity?  It’s easier than you think.  Here are 5 traits to look for when you’re sizing up your team (or your team-to-be).

#1.  Accountability

Someone can be a top nosh expert at what they do and they may even make a great team player but if they need micro-managing to keep them on track then you’re wasting resources.  It’s a matter of trust: can you give someone a task and feel confident they’ll work diligently even when you’re not looking?

#2.  Consistency

Talk is cheap, and lots of people are great talkers.  While the gift of chat may come in handy in many business scenarios, it’s merely a time-wasting habit when it comes to actual productivity.

“Well done is better than well said.”
Benjamin Franklin

Keep an observant eye on “big talkers” in your midst: do they follow up with actions to support their words?  Do they prove through behavior that their lengthy treatises are more than empty words and overblown bragging?  Make a mental note of what they’ve actually accomplished or produced and see if it comes close to what they’ve promised.

#3.  Courage

Someone who always goes with the crowd is showing that he or she just doesn’t care. Having the courage to speak up against mob mentality or initiate a hard conversation shows thought, intelligence, and courage.  After all, it’s easier to simply go with the flow every time and not ruffle any feathers.  If someone really cares, it’s inevitable that they’ll come up against the general consensus at least once in a while.

#4.  Respect

Emotional intelligence, politeness, civility…call it what you will but respect for colleagues is a sure sign of authenticity.  Simple human courtesy signifies an underpinning of honesty that comes only from knowing yourself and behaving in a way that’s true to self.

When someone is rude, mean, or otherwise disrespectful at work, it’s a sure sign there’s something going on just under the surface that they’d like to keep hidden. Whether it’s total disdain for your company, plans to leave, or worse, they don’t want you to know about it.

Lack of respect is not just a sign of an ungenuine person…it’s a red flag for any business.

#5.  Integrity

It’s hard to measure integrity, but if you think of it in terms of keeping agreements, then you’ve got a pretty good benchmark to work from. Does a person make agreements lightly? Does he or she forget the things they say and agree to? Do they miss appointments or deadlines because they’ve over-promised? Do they wait until it’s too late to tell you they can’t fulfill a promise or keep an appointment?

Those are all signs of lack of integrity- again, talk is cheap.  Making promises is easy to do if you place very little value on your own word!  Someone who is authentic will carefully consider each agreement they make.

In the end, truly authentic people are those whom you feel you can trust in every way…from accountability to respect, courage to consistency.  These are all variants one the one true trait we’re looking for in our best employees and our possible future leaders: trust.

Read more about Authenticity is it a Buzz Word? There are tons of skills that no school can teach you, that really do help you to grow as a leader, but also as an individual. Skills that some call “life-skills”. Master these skills early, mastering them all will always benefit you.

Being authentic means not being a copy of someone else.  Therefore the notion of being authentic implies starting a journey in discovering your true-self. “Be yourself, people have to believe in you …” is a limited perspective of the authenticity intent, logically leading to limit yourself as an individual.