Who Loves Windows 10 Now?

After Initial Wait-and-See, Tech Community Embraces Windows 10 at an Alarming Pace

Windows 10 already more prevalent than Apple’s latest OS, Windows 10 has finally won a seal of approval that really matters: tech users are upgrading at accelerating rates.  After watching and waiting to see how early adopters fared with the new OS, they’ve concluded that there’s merit in the upgrade and have joined the bandwagon that started late last month, July 2015.

In case you’ve been asleep at the screen, here’s what the buzz is all about

Been too busy enjoying your midsummer adventures to care about yet another Windows upgrade?  No worries: here’s everything you need to know, boiled down into a sentence…

The new Windows is free and it’s worlds better than Windows 8.

If you hate Windows 8 or 8.1 (and many do), you’ll be glad to know that Windows 10 has reintroduced the traditional start screen.  Users who hated the tile system will rejoice…and judging from forums where people talk about such matters, that’s almost every Windows 8 user on the planet  (Windows 8 was supposed to be a bridge between mouse users and touch screen users, so anyone using it with a mouse really hated the operating system.)  But even people with touch screens hated the OS..it simply didn’t make any sense in the way things were accessed and organized.

But tech users- defined as anyone who reads about computers or works on them (not end users, but rather developers) – are loving Windows 10 for other reasons, which you’ll read about in a short bit below…and they’re adopting the OS left and right, as this goes to print.

Windows 10 upgrades popular with ZDNet readers

Case in point: ZDNet reported that their readers, more tech-savvy than the general public, are adopting Windows 10 in droves.  ZDNet is an online journal of business technology.

According to their calculations, 1.8% of ZDNet visitors were using Windows 10 one week after launch.

Then, one week later that figure jumped to 12.6%…or one out of every 8.  Looks as if the technically sophisticated users wanted to hear back from the super-early adopters before they committed.  Now that the initial reviews are coming back positive for the most part, the momentum is really picking up.

Inside sources say 53 million users now have Windows 10

Just three weeks after rollout, there are already 53 million downloads of Windows 10.

Not that Microsoft is letting the public know exactly how many downloads they’ve facilitated. Their last official announcement was on July 31, just 24 hours into public availability.  At that point, the number was 14 million upgrades, or 162 installs per second.

Now, three weeks later, online tech journal Neowin reported they had inside sources indicating the number to be at 53 million as of this week (August 17, 2015).

That would represent almost 5% of the market, or 1500 installs per second, they say.  According to NetMarketshare, Windows 10 has now surpassed OS X 10.10, which is the most recent version of Apple’s operating system.

What the tech-savvy love about Windows 10

Yes, reviews around the web are positive.  As it was mentioned above, the mass market loves the fact that the traditional start menu is back.

But going beyond that, what do the tech-savvy love about it?  Here’s a quick run-down of the most popular new features:

  • it’s amazingly flexible, built to work on any device, even the Xbox One
  • the personal digital assistant Cortana
  • the new browser Edge, to replace IE
  • apps that can be snapped into place on your screen
  • virtual desktops…separate work from play with the touch of a button
  • futuristic authentication system: Windows Hello…biometric scanning!
  • sync your phone with your PC via the Phone Companion app…even if it’s an iPhone
  • it handles the multi-environment (touch vs non-touch) so much better
  • Windows as a Service (WaaS)…updates are now delivered faster and more easily, meaning more frequent updates rather than behemoth updates that take forever and often cause problems

Now for a few details on Cortana, perhaps a main reason the tech-savvy are flocking to Windows 10…

Cortana, which is Microsoft’s version of Apple’s Siri, speaks to you and uses your computing activity to learn about your habits and help you out.  It’s called contextual querying and it’s designed to make using a computer even more intuitive than it already is.

Cortana will also write email as you dictate to her.  Voice recognition software in general is still a bit wonky but Cortana does a pretty good job of understanding what you say to her.

The possibilities for new levels of organization, getting to places on time, finishing your work more quickly, and generally working faster are endless.

Where it’s all headed

Some speculate that Microsoft is saving its next press release on the figures of Windows 10 upgrades for a major milestone.  Could it be 100 million users?  If upgrades continue at the current pace, we’ll see that by the end of September.  By the end of the year Cortana could be serving us all, not just the tech-savvy adopters who are currently flocking to upgrade this week.