About Me

Alexis Ternoy

Bilingual, Culturally Fluent IT Leader Leveraging Strategic Vision and Technical Depth to Drive Agile Transformation

As a technology leader, I’m committed to transforming not only IT—but the perception of IT – throughout the organisation. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, IT is much more than just a function. Technology must be a key strategic value generator—a full partner.

Because, without that alignment, no business—regardless of size or industry vertical—can remain consistently competitive.

I see every technical challenge as, fundamentally, a business challenge—a strategic business problem to be solved. And my broad technical background—encompassing application and infrastructure service delivery, consulting and large scale program / product management—enables me to drive continuous improvement in the delivery of key internal and customer facing solutions.

Another key value-added that I bring to the table is my broad international experience. I am fully bilingual in English and French.

But even more important than my linguistic abilities is my “cultural fluency.” I have led complex, multinational teams with members from diverse cultures including the US, UK, France, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, and India. I understand the often unconscious cultural and communication differences that too often derail international teams and projects. This cultural fluency also enables me to transform disparate resources into Agile, cohesive, committed, top-performing teams.

This breadth of international experience, strategic business vision, and deep technical experience has enabled me to deliver critical, Agile transformation in both large organizations and startups, and across a range of industries.

Bottom line? I’m a “doer.” My focus is on delivering, and my colleagues trust me to get the job done—every time.

In charge of IT Operations Performance at Electronic Arts, I am also a member of the IT Operation Leadership team.

Outside my professional life I enjoy spending time together with my two favourite English roses, playing Golf (without handicap nor competition), travel to my relatives in France and cook with/for our friends.


This blog is nothing but my personal views. I write on my own personal time, with objectives of empowering my career, stand out from the pack as well as creating an amazing tool to connect with people that share my passions. I set myself a goal to blog one or two times a week for a year, see what lessons I learn and continue to experiment.

Thanks for reading !